Wesley & Meredith King and children Colby and Sadie

Hi, I’m Wesley King. With nearly 25 years of aquatic and recreation experience, it has always been my goal to make pools a safe, fun, and a valuable service. In 1995, I became an Ellis & Assoc. lifeguard and I haven’t looked back since. My experience ranges from leading JCC’s, American Red Cross facilties, YMCA’s, corporate fitness, parks and recs, and everything in between!

My goal is to provide you, your team, and/or your organization the highest quality of aquatic support you need.

I customize a wide variety of quality controls, safety measures, and targeted support to ensure your aquatic operation is the safest and most profitable it can be.

I believe in reviewing the full operation of your pool, which is why I work to connect you to a wide variety of national experts in areas such as water quality equipment/systems, targeted program developers, and industry leaders in medical fitness.

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(Pictured; Wesley & Meredith King and children Colby and Sadie)