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    Aquababies Manual

    This full scale turn key Aquababies manual contains step by step instructions on how to run a successful swim program for “adults and infants/toddler”. This detailed packet comes with songs, games, and more. Included is a 1-Hour consulting session to guide you through the entire Aquababies program launch.

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    Aquababies Starter Pack

    This FREE Aquababies Starter Pack is a quick reference introduction to Aquababies that will help create the foundation and outline for most classes with “adults and infants/toddlers”.  To Schedule a complimentary consulting session on how to maximize your programs, classes and services please contact me here.
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    Aquatic Risk Assessment: Home Pool

    There are over 10 Million Home/Residential Pools United States! This Risk Assessment Program is designed to create positive, engaging, and tangible action items for all residents, guests, and users of nearly 10 million home pools in the United States.

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    Aquatics H.E.R.O.

    Imagine your aquatics operations with increased retention, efficiency, quality, safety, and REVENUE! This presentation will show you how our industry expertise can help you.

    Download this product for an introductory overview of the Aquatics H.E.R.O. Program and how to get started.

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    Close the Loop in Your Pool

    For any Aquatic Department looking to enhance current and future staff training and onboarding processes.

    This program teaches the steps needed to ensure each staff member has a consistent and structured training program, from lifeguard to instructor, with the end goal of having a more engaged and sustainable employee. Showcase all the things you are doing well AND connect them to …

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    Discovery Call

    See what Wes and Wesley King Consulting can do for you!  Your pool. Our plan. Your success.

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    Example EAP Facility Maps (2 Free Maps)

    In these times of social distancing we need to be able to respond to ANY Emergency in a safe and systematic manner – Does YOUR pool have a “EAP Pool Map?

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    Facility Tech/CPO Risk Assessment

    Risk Assessment Tool for CPO/Facility Tech Staff

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    Safety and Service Evaluation

    This evaluation reviews Safety & Service as it relates to your classes and programs! It’s designed to improve how your Lifeguards™ and Instructors work together to keep the pool safe and service focused.

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    Safety Staff Training Manual 2022

    Any Aquatic department looking to update/enhance your Aquatic Staff Manual would benefit from this packet.

    Let’s deconstruct your “POOL” and find out any “LOOP”s we need to connect. Things like – Individualized staff training structure, focusing on dedicated steps to increase staff retention. 

    Once purchased you receive instantly receive a draft manual for download along with a one-hour personal consultation with Wes …