Wesley King Aquatic Consulting LLC and my professional network are dedicated to ensuring enhanced safety, service focused training, and overall sustainability. 

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The Risk Watch Cloud Solution

A little over 35 years ago a group of us began a business venture. It was going to be my first exposure to managing people and one of the other principals offered what at the time seemed a strange comment.

He said, “You will find that only you do A+ work.”

I understand that completely now.

While we speak constantly of the “team” in business, there will always be a hierarchy where someone is responsible for the outcome of the “team’s” actions. Someone who cannot walk away from failure without significant consequence.

Despite warning, it came as a surprise that others did not have the passion for our success that I did. While many gave an honest B effort with a few working at an A- level, only I had 24-hour A+ concern. Most were committed and well-intended professionals, but none reached my level. In fairness, they were simply not as invested.

Initially direct oversight was possible, but as our business grew we had multiple worksites spread across the eastern states and I had to hand off immediate responsibility to an onsite supervisor. I had spent the previous decade working in healthcare and began borrowing heavily from their quality control measures. I developed best practice standards, published policies and procedures, and developed a paper-based system of quality assurance – essentially a check list of “things done.” It helped but was limited.

Employees will always find a shortcut to completing any process. At times that resembles efficiency, but often it is avoidance of your best practice standards. They are willing to take chances you are not. The policies and procedures once labored over now reside in a three-ring binder gathering dust, while the paper-based quality assurance tool increasingly documents intentions and not actual actions. Then came the internet, web-enabled information flow, and now the cloud. There was a solution.

Every manager wants certainty, and they want it in real-time. Cloud technology, integrated mobile scanning, Wi-Fi, and cellular communication now provide that regardless of location. Done correctly these technologies can enforce A+ performance and provide actionable information. That is what the RiskWatchCloudTM is all about.

Initially, our primary concern was medical safety and emergency response. Eventually that grew to include building safety and on-line training. The light of opportunity went on; we wanted to provide certainty of safety process assurance and training to others. We began RiskWatchSystemsLLC in 2015.

At a later point, an inciteful group asked us why the technology used to ensure safety and training could not be used to address the needs of other work-related processes. We tested that concept and were amazed at its success. Today, we provide a comprehensive management tool that will facilitate training, safety, and work-related process assurance.

Importantly, we learned that technology alone is not enough. Simply digitizing our old paper-based system resulted in a spreadsheet approach that retained many of the old limitations. What was needed was a strategy that would engage all personnel levels in a way that was meaningful to each and provide broad based accountability.

We discovered that the front-line staff must become a collaborative and accountable team member, supervisors require a labor-saving management tool, and leadership needed actionable performance indicators in real-time that would allow corrective measures before a systemic problem evolved. The RiskWatchCloudTM now does exactly that, providing both the strategy and technology that will prepare an organization, prevent unintended consequence, and document process compliance.

When it comes to critical actions, tasks, and training, you no longer need accept less than an A+ performance!

TMI Sustainable Aquatics – National Partner

Timothy is co-founder and Managing Director of TMI. Timothy is responsible for the technical side of the company and focuses on relationships pertaining to business development.

His business history is the blend of practical experience in fields ranging from construction in Africa to off-shore oil platforms in the North Sea, to renewable energy in the installation and sales of Solar Heating in S. California; to the corporate boardrooms of America during his decade long tenure with Bank of America in their Securities Service division of Mergers and Acquisitions. It was during this phase of his career that he was instrumental in designing the support structure of Master Limited Partnerships that helped the Bank to distinguish itself from others in the field. Timothy was privileged to hold the position of President of the San Diego Chapter of Corporate Secretaries for public corporations in 1987 – 1988.

But it is TMI Salt Pure® that Timothy is most proud of in his list of accomplishments.

It was when Timothy swam in a pool in Kihei (that was sanitized with a chlorine generator), in early 1990 that the vision of Salt Pure® was born; and it was the struggle to be recognized in the commercial aquatic field that defined who TMI was going to become.

Through his varied business experience Timothy learned many of the basic tenets that now drive TMI, but the most profound lesson he learned was that if you treat your customers and business associates in a moral manner and put client satisfaction before revenue generation, you will create a sustainable corporation built on strong ethics.

Peyow Aqua Pilates

Anne Pringle Burnell created and developed the Peyow Aqua Pilates program which premiered at the Peninsula Spa Chicago in 2001. She is Certified by the American Council on Exercise, Aquatics Exercise Association, AquaStretch, Aerobics & Fitness Association of America, and Stott Pilates. Anne has been a featured presenter at international conferences including: American Cancer Society, The American Lung Association, Susan B. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation, National Council on Aging/American Society on Aging Joint Conference, Northwestern Memorial Integrative Medicine Women’s Health Conference, International Aquatic Fitness Conference, SCW Midwest Mania, and the International Aquatic Therapy & Rehab Institute Symposium. She is a faculty/educational provider for ATRI, AEA, AFAA, NASM, ACE, AF, AquaStretch and Stott Pilates. She developed the Stronger Seniors Workout Program for older adults and people with disabilities, injuries, or chronic conditions. Anne instructs classes at Galter Life Center/Swedish Covenant Hospital, Northwestern Memorial Hospital, Peninsula Chicago, University of Illinois Chicago, private clients, and Stott Pilates Certification courses.  

Synergy Cubed

Cosmo Wollan is one of the best consultants in the industry. I own American Gym Trader, a national health club brokerage company. Cosmo has been a great resource for my company; I introduce the new owners of fitness centers I have sold to Cosmo to help them stay successful. One of our best projects was a purchase of a fitness center in New Jersey for $1.6 million, for which Cosmo provided his services to implement new profit centers, update the pricing model and design & facilitate extensive sales staff and PT training. My client was thrilled because in August (typically the slowest month of the year for a fitness business), top line sales revenues were up 18 percent. I highly recommend Cosmo Wollan. Nobody works harder.

SLIPSOLUTION – The Solution To Slippery When Wet

Slip Solutions of Illinois uses a long-lasting chemical treatment that creates an invisible, sophisticated tread design into the surface of hard mineral floors and porcelain/enamel bathtubs. Our treatment will not change the appearance of the floor or bathtub. It is not a film or coating so it will never crack, peel, or discolor. Our product has been developed and proven for concrete, quarry tile, Spanish tile, ceramic tile, glazed brick, marble, terrazzo, porcelain/enamel, and many other hard mineral surfaces.

Medical Fitness Association

The mission of the Medical Fitness Foundation is to support the growth of the medically-based fitness industry by providing scholarships to advance the careers of medical fitness staff and the success of their medically-integrated fitness facilities. Your support of the Medical Fitness Foundation is an investment in the future of your industry!

Club Industry Show

The special events at the Club Industry Show bring together industry members from every segment of the fitness industry. One of the best parts of attending the Club Industry Show is the opportunity to network. Hundreds of your peers will be there to celebrate, connect, and have some fun at the Club Industry Show.