Wesley King Consulting LLC offers a variety of supportive services, such as:

Manage all of your high value processes from a single dashboard.

We deliver a proven strategy and cloud platform that will take your training, safety, and work-related actions and tasks and make them more accessible, usable, and measurable. It will prepare your team at all levels, prevent unintended consequence, and document compliance. Improve outcomes and enjoy the certainty that what you wanted done – got done.

A real life example of a Safety Equipment Checklist with notes sections for detailed information exchange!
A real life example of an opening/closing/etc “Locker room” cleanliness checklist! With schedule reminders and alerts for reporting issues!!
A real life example of using the Daily Checklist feature to evaluate and document a “water feature” (customizable to any pool/aquatic facility) – with real time alerts for incomplete reports!!
An example of using the daily checklist system to document your chemical checks – customizable to any pool/Aquatic facility

Custom Risk Assessment Program

*This service is included with any 1 & 2 Day Workshop Services*

Every pool and aquatic facility is different, based on not only their shape and size, but equally on the industry the poos servers. The Risk Assessment Process was created to evaluate and reduce risk, based on the Industry, not just the pool!

**Each “Risk Assessment Form” is unique based on the type of pool AND the people it serves/employs. This ranges from pools in industries such as: hoa, condos, fitness centers , JCC, and ymca.

Assessment Processes are available:

  • 1hr call/in-person and/or
  • 2-4hr call/in-person are available

The Aquatic H.E.R.O. Program

This is a customized employee experience program that begins before an applicant even applies to work for you!

We look at four main aspects of your current business model for staff hiring, Education/Engaging, Recruiting, and On-boarding and identify ways streamline, enhance, and promote your “WHY”.

Complimentary “Discovery Discussion

A FREE 1-hr phone call/facility walk/targeted review of your aquatic operation. We collectively review goals/strategies, current challenges, and action plans to create a positive outcome in areas of need. This includes a detailed summary of discussion topics, suggested action items and introductions to the supporters and partners of Wesley King Consulting, LLC.

Training Tool, checklists, and other resources to improve efficiency and quality controls…

From Lifeguard/Swim instructor evaluations, to daily checklists – Wesley King provides universal AND customized support to help you and your team by better everyday!

Aquatic Emergency Action Plan

We review your current emergency action plan, including in-service support, team training, and targeted action items for quality controls. We also review ways to promote and market current successes you and your team have had regarding safety training!!

Revenue and Marketing Strategies

Together, Wesley King and your team identify revenue growth and target marketing opportunities. The “RippleAffect” is felt not only in the pool but increased promotion of all areas of your concessions/fitness/recreation business.

Aquatic Operations Support – National Professional network

Since 1995, TMI has specialized in the ‘greening’ of aquatic facilities, specifically pertaining to water & air quality. TMI has assembled an integrated product range consisting of: commercial chlorine generators, UV Systems and chemistry controllers that are both sturdy and innovative, the cutting edge of aquatic technology. TMI has successfully assisted hundreds of commercial aquatic centers and facilities to create healthier and more sustainable aquatic centers. It’s time to make your swimming pool crystal clear!

By partnering with TMI Aquatics, the nations leading sustainable Aquatic company, the RippleAffect can be achieved with water quality, cutting edge technology and the elimination of harmful chemicals used to balance your water.

Other Needs

This ranges from general discussion/reviewing current operation, from hiring/sustaining quality staff, —  all the way to creating 3-6-12 month full department operation plans. 

Virtual Training

Virtual training and webinars are available for Aquatic Department Organization, Program Growth, and Risk Reduction/Drowning Prevention

Safety Audits

There is a HUGE importance in your Staff Training and Review, but there MANY ways to audit your staff not just the way the “Big boys” say you have to AND definitely not at their prices!

Our mission is to ensure the safety, service, and sustainability of your pool/aquatic operations, both in and out of the pool!

We have combined decades of experience to provide unparalleled support, personalized guidance, and customized training that puts your facility in a position to stand out from the rest!