Wesley King and his family want you to be safe in and around your pool ! I am providing a FREE Home Pool Water Safety Program! (Good for Condo’s, HOA’s, Apt’s, multi-units housing, etc)

There are over 10 Million Home/Residential Pools United States! This “Risk Assessment Program” is designed to create positive, engaging, and tangible action items for all residents, guests, and users of nearly 10 million “home pools” in the United States.

If you don’t have a home pool, BUT live in an HOA, Apt Complex, Condo, Sr. Living Center, etc. – This Program also works for “Community/Residential Pool” as well!!

  Resident Name: ________________   Address: ______________ Email: _________________   Pool Builder/Service Company: ____________________   Company Address/Contact: __________   Name of Individual Completing Form: _____________________  


  Above/In-ground: _______     Entry Points: _______________ (stairs/ladder/etc.)  
Min Depth: _____                     Max Depth: ____     
 # of Gallons: _____     Chemical system: ________     Depth Marker/Barriers: ___________  

                                                         WATER SAFETY SIGNAGE:

  1. Is there a “Stop” sign indicating not to go in the water/pool area? YES: __ NO: ____ (at ALL exits)
  • Is there a designated “waiting” area for kids (anyone) to stay in until an adult is in the water?   YES: ____   NO: _____
  • Is there signage/messaging indicating “Responsible Adult Wtching Water?”                      YES: ____ NO: ____
  • Is there “No Lifeguard on Duty Sign”: YES: ____ NO: ____
  •  Are there education for the homeowners/pool users about “Drowning Prevention (Call 9-1-1, begin CPR, etc(i.e. Equivalent to “Home Fire”/tornado drill)    YES: ____ NO: ____
  • Are there “General pool rules” that are in symbols, characters, and/or universal language that expresses safety rules? (no underwater breath holding, no swimming alone, etc.)  YES: ____ NO: ___
  • Are there painted/visible signs on the concrete/ground directly next to the pool edges indicating safety rules? (no diving, no swimming alone, etc.) YES: ____ NO: ____
  • Are there any general “CPR/Rescue Instructions” available for pool users? YES: ____ NO: ____

                FAMILY ACTIVITY:  # 1    “STOP SIGNS:”

STEP 1: Identify EVERY access  point from inside to outside (side doors, back doors, garage doors, fence gates, etc, etc.

STEP 2: Get “RED STOP SIGNS” size paper/images

STEP 3: Have each family member “paint/color/personalize” their OWN “STOP SIGNS”  that lead to the Pool Area**  sign their names,  make it their own!

STEP 4: (laminate them) and post them! With the family, as a family activity!!  Make it “an experience” with goal being that each child, (and neighbor/visitor) takes personal ownership of Safety!


  1. Number, Label and List of entry points into the “pool area” (gates, back doors, etc,)

#1____________      #2 ____________       #3_____________     #4____________  #5________

  • Are there secure exit points from the house that specifically limit a “non-swimmer” access to the pool? YES: _____     NO: ______ (heavy sliding glass, Tall turn handle door knobs, etc
  • Are there secure gates/fences/etc. to restrict non-resident access to the pool from outside the house?   YES: ______   NO: ____
  •  Is the Edge of the pool deck a different color/texture then the surrounding deck? YES:___ NO:___
  • Is there a pool cover?  YES _         NO: ___

            IF YES:  How are individuals protected if they fall/step on it        A:   ______________________________________________________

  • Are there working lights in and/or around the pool that provide ample visibility? YES: ___ NO: ____
  • Are there any current “alarm, alert, and/or detection systems” that create a message/sound when any “entry point/water movement” etc. has been intruded upon?  YES:____    NO: ____
  • How is access to the pool(s) restricted/protected to ensure patrons are using pool when approved? (i.e. swipe card, passcode, etc.)



** Designate a Family-Focused ‘Safe Zone”….

STEP 1: Identify an area outside that is away from the pool

STEP 2: Create a fun and welcoming message/design (favorite Disney Character, Sports, team, family name, etc

STEP 3: Teach family members, neighbors , visitors that THIS is the location where all non-swimmers are to go to anytime they are outside! (treat it like a Fire Drill

NOTE: Could have a alarm/alert system (whistle, air-horn, etc) that a child/ “non-swimmer” could trigger if outside by themselves  

                          MULTI-UNIT RESIDENTIAL HOA/CONDO/ Apartments , etc)


  1. Are there ANSI (universal language signs) posted and/or are they) easily visible?   (i.e. no breath holding, no swimming alone, etc.) 

       A:  ______________________________________________

  • What understanding do the Aquatic/Fitness/CPO staff have of the national aquatic    Standards and why they exist? (i.e. Virginia Graham, MAHC, etc.)

         A: _____________________________________________

  •  What precautions have been taken to ensure patrons who use the pool alone can get help if needed?

           A: ________________________________________________

  • What communication tools are in place for general users to get assistance in case of emergency? (i.e. emergency phone, radio, signage, instructions, etc)

           A: ____________________________________________________

  1. What type of sanitizing system is being used? (i.e. chlorine, bromine, salt, etc.)

A: _____________________________________________________

  • What type of filter system is being use? (i.e. sand, de, etc.)

A: _______________________________________________

  • Who is responsible for the Aquatic mechanical operation? (i.e. internal/3rd party/etc.)

A:  __________________________________________________

  • Who is responsible for the taking and documenting the chemical tests in your pool??

A: ___________________________________________________

  • Who is reviewing the testing standards and all other operational standards?

A: ______________________________________________

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