Hope you are well and getting ready to open! Disinfecting is now the New Normal, and what we will be doing in our facilities for years to come!

If you are paying in excess of $550.00 per month for cleaning suppliesthen we should definitely discuss the alternative, How about getting the per gallon price down to below 0.20c, and never have to worry about supply running out?

Yeah it is possible! See the first attachment for the product our machine produces, and the second attachment for the actual machine; you only need salt, vinegar, water and plug in 120vAC power

Amazing right? Check these video clips out.

Fire Station in Tulsa OK

Fogging our work truck

With Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) known as wonder water, you can:

  • Fog your entire building
  • Wipe down equipment, counters
  • Use in a personal spray bottle, and as hand sanitizer
  • Mop your floors
  • Clean (& fog) shower stalls
  • Clean toilets & grout
  • ..and more

Let’s jump on a quick call and see how we can save you tons of money and still keep you and your customers safe.


Wesley King

Wesley King is the owner of Wesley King Consulting providing Aquatic-focused safety and sustainability services. Connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn or join our public Facebook community All things Aquatics - supporting pools and the staff/people who love them!.